Student in the Master's Program (Graduated in FY 2005)

Student in the Master's Program
(Graduated in FY 2005)

Why did you choose to study in Computer Science Course?

The biggest reason I entered the School of Informatics and Mathematical Science was that I wanted to learn more about artificial intelligence. Frankly, it was not a result of careful consideration. The curriculum of the first academic year included the classes introducing the academic fields the two courses cover, and Computer Science Course sounded more interesting to me (it seemed closer to the subject of my main interest, namely, intelligence). I thus selected Computer Science Course. Another minor reason was that I am not very good at mathematics and physics—therefore I thought that it might be difficult for me to study in the Applied Mathematics and Physics Course.

Did your impressions about Computer Science Course change after starting to study in the Course?

I was surprised to find that the Course covered more fields than I expected. A wide variety of classes were available, ranging from basic fields to advanced fields. Classes are available in almost all fields, and you will be able to learn many things. Because the classes are thus widely varied, you may find some fields difficult, but such difficult fields could turn out to be useful at unexpected opportunities.

Could you describe your experience in Computer Science Course?

Classes that were impressive and/or informative:

The most impressive classes to me were the experiments and workshops I had in my second and third academic years. I had not experienced programming, and at first I was often lost, not knowing what to do. I basically found answers to what I did not understand independently, and I acquired programming skills and the attitude of studying independently through this experience.

Benefits of studying in Computer Science Course:

I found it beneficial to be able to learn the basics of programming through experiments and to have the opportunities of appreciating the excellence of technologies by examining the robots, etc. supplied by manufacturers. Students can have a part-time job as a programmer by using the programming skilled acquired through the experiments. The Course provided me with a wide variety of knowledge, and I became able to identify excellent technologies I would otherwise never notice although they existed in familiar places.

What impressions do you have about the time you spent as a member of a laboratory in fourth year?

During the academic years before becoming a member of a laboratory in the fourth year, the study encompassed a wide variety of fields. After becoming a member of the laboratory, students can commit to research in a specialized field. During the fourth academic year, there were only a small number of classes; I mainly attended seminars held in the laboratory. Because I was not well-informed of the basics of the field of the research, I learned many things from the staff. In the classrooms it used to be rather rare for me to directly ask a question to the staff. However, in the laboratory, I could asks questions to anyone there, which I appreciated much.

What did you do when you were not studying?

It is said that students in third year are busy with experiments; however, the experiments are completed within class hours and students can use the hours after school freely. I had no experience of studying in school late at night. There is a plenty of free time, and students can have a part-time job or extracurricular club activities. As a member of an athletic club, I was frequently more occupied by the extracurricular club activities than by study. I also traveled abroad during long vacations. Students can have plenty of time to spend on their own interests, and each student leads a different life as a student.

Advice to Freshmen

It may be difficult to choose between the Computer Science Course and Applied Mathematics and Physics Course at the end of the first academic year. You may need to select one leaving many things unknown, but the course selection is closely associated with the selection of classes and laboratories in the remaining academic years. It is advisable to pay attention to the classes introducing the academic fields the two courses cover to make a correct choice. If you are interested in a particular field, you are welcome to visit the laboratory dealing with that field. You can talk with senior students and you will find it enjoyable.

Advice to High School Students

Do you have an impression about the School of Informatics and Mathematical Science that it is for those who are highly informed about personal computers? Of course some students are well versed in computers, but I myself did not have such knowledge. However, such an uninformed student can learn starting from the very basic things through experiments and classes, and learning them is fun. It may be difficult to figure out what fields the School of Informatics and Mathematical Science encompasses. If you are interested, I hope that the web sites and School brochures will fill you in.