After Graduation

The majority of Computer Science Course students continue on to study in the Graduate School of Informatics or other graduate schools at Kyoto University or other universities after graduation.

Those who choose to work after graduation find jobs in various types of industries, including the computer industry.

Career Options of Students Who Graduated from Computer Science Course in FY 2005

平成17年度 計算機科学コース卒業生進路

post-graduation# of students
凡例・京都大学大学院情報学研究科 Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University 43
凡例・他大学大学院・他大学 Other graduate schools at Kyoto University 1
凡例・京都大学大学院(情報学研究科以外) Other universities 4
凡例・就職 employment 5
total 53