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Laboratories and Academic Staff

The Faculty of Engineering, School of Informatics and Mathematical Science Course Program of Computer Science is carried out by faculty members of the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, the Department of Social Informatics, and Department of Communications and Computer Engineering in the Graduate School of Informatics.

In their fourth academic year, students join one of the following laboratories and carry out research to write their graduation theses.

Department of Intelligence Science and Technology

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff

Cognitive System


Collective Intelligence

Hisashi KASHIMA [Professor]
Makoto YAMADA [Associate Professor]
Koh TAKEUCHI [Assistant Professor]

Computational Intelligence

Akihiro YAMAMOTO [Professor]

Conversational Informatics

Atsushi NAKAZAWA [Associate Professor]

Intelligence Media


Speech and Audio Processing

Tatsuya KAWAHARA [Professor]
Kazuyoshi YOSHII [Associate Professor]
Koji INOUE [Assistant Professor]

Application of Multimedia


Video Media

Kazuaki KONDO [Associate Professor]
Kei SHIMONISHI [Assistant Professor]

Network Media

Yasuo OKABE [Professor]
Shuichi MIYAZAKI [Associate Professor]
Daisuke KOTANI [Assistant Professor]

Department of Social Informatics

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff

Social Information Model


Distributed Information Systems

Masatoshi YOSHIKAWA [Professor]
Qiang MA [Associate Professor]

Human Robot Interaction

Takayuki KANDA [Professor]
Drazen BRSCIC [Associate Professor]

Stela Hanbyeol SEO [Assistant Professor]

Social Media

Keishi TAJIMA [Professor]

Social Information Network


Global Information Network

Takayuki ITO [Professor]
Ryota ARISAKA [Assistant Professor]

Department of Communications and Computer Engineering

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff

Computer Engineering


Computer Algorithm

Shinichi MINATO [Professor]
Jun KAWAHARA [Associate Professor]
Yuni IWAMASA [Assistant Professor]

Computer Architecture

Naofumi TAKAGI [Professor]
Ryota YASUDO [Assistant Professor]

Computer Software

Atsushi IGARASHI [Professor]
Kohei SUENAGA [Associate Professor]
Masaki WAGA [Assistant Professor]

Department of Systems Science

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff

Applied Informatics


Super Computing

Keiichiro FUKAZAWA [Associate Professor]