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After Graduation

After graduation from the School of Information and Mathematical Science, more than 80% of students enroll in graduate schools (master's programs).

Graduate schools

Graduate School of Informatics (Kyoto Univ) 69
Other Graduate Schools 2

The table shows the breakdown of the graduate schools the students of the School of Information and Mathematical Science enter after graduation (the records of students who graduated in fiscal 2006).

Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University


The graduates of the School of Information and Mathematical Science are in high demand and find employment at a variety of companies. Employers of graduates of the School to date include research or educational institutions such as universities, leading companies such as computer companies, electric companies, and telecommunications companies, and key-industry companies such as steelmakers, chemical companies, and heavy-machinery companies. Many students also find employment at various non-manufacturing companies, such as financial and trading companies.