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Laboratories and Academic Staff

The Applied Mathematics and Physics Course in the School of Informatics and Mathematical Science Faculty of Engineering is taught by faculty members from the Graduate School of Informatics of Kyoto University.
In their fourth academic year, students join one of the following laboratories and conduct research to write their graduation theses.



Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff

Applied Mathematics


Applied Mathematical Analysis

Yoshimasa NAKAMURA [Professor]
Satoshi TSUJIMOTO [Associate Professor]
Kinji KIMURA [Associate Professor]
Shuhei KAMIOKA [Assistant Professor]

Discrete Mathematics

Hiroshi NAGAMOCHI [Professor]
Aleksandar SHURBEVSKI [Assistant Professor]

Applied Mathematical Systems


System Optimization

Nobuo YAMASHITA [Professor]
Ellen Hidemi FUKUDA [Assistant Professor]

Control Systems Theory

Yoshito OHTA [Professor]
Kenji KASHIMA [Associate Professor]
Kentaro OHKI [Assistant Professor]

Mathematical Physics


Physical Statistics

Ken UMENO [Professor]
Akito IGARASHI [Associate Professor]
Akihiro SATO [Assistant Professor]

Dynamical Systems Theory

Kazuyuki YAGASAKI [Professor]
Mitsuru SHIBAYAMA [Associate Professor]
Yoshiyuki YAMAGUCHI [Assistant Professor]

Department of Systems Science

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff

System Synthesis


Adaptive Systems Theory

Toshiyuki TANAKA [Professor]

Mathematical System Theory

Hidetoshi SHIMODAIRA [Professor]
Yan LIU [Assistant Professor]

Systems Informatics


Information Systems

Hiroyuki MASUYAMA [Associate Professor]

Department of Advanced Mathematical Sciences

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff

Nonlinear Physics


Nonlinear Dynamics and Computational Physics

Syuji MIYAZAKI [Junior Associate Professor]

Kenji HARADA [Assistant Professor]

Nonequilibrium Physics and Theoretical Neuroscience

Toshio AOYAGI [Professor]
Hiroki TUTU [Assistant Professor]

Applied Mathematical Sciences


Computational Mechanics

Naoshi NISHIMURA [Professor]
Hitoshi YOSHIKAWA [Associate Professor]
Kazuki NIINO [Assistant Professor]

Industrial Mathematics

Satoshi TAGUCHI [Associate Professor]