Philosophy and Educational Policy

The purpose of establishing the Applied Mathematics and Physics class was to train engineers and researchers with a broad perspective in engineering in general,

who are capable of conducting comprehensive research in common areas of various disciplines based on their rich knowledge of mathematics and physics.

This purpose remains important.

In the Applied Mathematics and Physics Course, we conduct education and research on a broad range of state-of-the-art Applied Mathematics and Physics, including optimization, control, information, algorithm, discrete mathematics, numerical simulation, and artificial intelligence, in order to provide methods for solutions for various scientific and engineering problems based on advanced mathematics and physics. As a result, graduates of our Applied Mathematics and Physics Course are in high demand. They have taken active roles in many fields such as education and research in universities and corporations, for example: leading edge corporations related to electricity, communication and computer; key industries, including steel, chemistry, heavy machinery; financial institutions, including banks, securities companies, and insurance companies.