Distributed Information Systems


Due to the development of information networks, it became possible to utilize information-bases distributed all over the world.

Since database is one of the key technology for organizing large systems, data engineering including database design, query processing, transaction processing, and security are studied. As one of the important applications of database technologies, distributed cooperative systems are developed. Together with distributed systems research, applications to XML document processing, information retrieval, multimedia information system, Web mining, access control and privacy are investigated.

Academic Staff

  • Masatoshi YOSHIKAWA [Professor]
  • Qiang MA [Associate Professor]
  • Toshiyuki SHIMIZU [Assistant Professor]


XML Database and Retrieval

XML retrieval based on structure and semantics, Information retrieval based on graph analysis, Entity (Object)  Retrieval

Information Integration

Quality Management and Retrieval for Integration and Analysis of Earth Observation Data,  Integration of search engine and knowledge base,  Secure Data Sharing of Cloud Computing

Mutlimedia Information System

Cross-media information credibility analysis, Multimedia Information Retrieval with collective intelligence, Cross-media information retrieval


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