Introduction of the special subjects of the Applied Mathematics and Physics Course

The table below shows a quick reference of special subjects in the Applied Mathematics and Physics Course, which was created based on the 2010 Class Registration Guideline and Syllabus. For more accurate and detailed information on the time allotment, please refer to the Class Registration Guideline, and Syllabus.

1st year

  • Introduction to Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Introduction to Programming

  • Introduction to Optimization

  • Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

2nd year

  • Logical Systems
  • Graph Theory
  • Information and Coding Theory

  • Introduction to Electric and Electronic Circuit Theory

  • Exercise on Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • Exercise on Programming
  • Introduction to Systems Analysis

  • Applied Mathematics A1
  • Analytical Dynamics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Languages and Automata
  • Applied Mathematics and Physics Laboratory

3rd year

  • Applied Mathematics A2
  • Applied Mathematics A3
  • Dynamical Systems

  • Statistical Physics
  • Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Stochastic Discrete Event Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • System Analysis Laboratory

  • Applied Algebra
  • Linear Control Theory
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Optimization
  • Mathematical theory of information and communications

  • Theory of Information Systems

  • Seminar on Applied Mathematics and Physics

  • Theory of Algorithms

4th year

  • Business Mathematics
  • Modern Control Theory

  • Analysis in Mathematical Sciences
  • Computer Networks

  • Signals and Systems
  • Information and Business
  • Quantum Physics 1

  • Introduction to Computational Systems Bioinformatics

  • Engineering Ethics